One of the most common questions we hear from businesses large and small is, “How could I realize if/when my company needs a new website?”This is a very tough question, as it totally depends upon the company’s performance.

Suppose you own a business and you have a website also but you don’t know that it is the proper time to upgrade or not. According to the continuous updating technology your website become outdated, bluffing user experience and too many 404 errors. It means this is the time to upgrade your old one and redesign it with the new one.

We are providing you seven signs when you need a new business website.

1) Google loves speed on Website

Google has acknowledged that speed is a ranking factor for searches on all devices, with a 2018 Speed Update that placed more weight on speed for mobile searches.

Whether your audience search for your website on desktop or smartphone and If your website takes over six seconds to load when visitors land on the site, it is likely that you are losing traffic. Research shows that about half of visitors searching for information spend only ten seconds or less on a website before deciding whether or not to move on to the next one to find what they need.

If you search on Google Analytics page timings data, or test your site with tools like Google’s own PageSpeed Insights and find out that the pages of your website are performing poorly this must be fixed with speed optimizations like these tips from Moz. If most of your website is suffering from slow load times, it might be time to address the bigger picture.

2) Your site must be Mobile Responsive

In recent times everyone carries mobile phones but those are not being used only for phone calls or text messages. More than sixty percent worldwide use their phones for searching for some information via mobile technology.

You own a website but it is not updated. If you check your site on a mobile device and the content falls apart, or becomes broken, trying to fit onto a mobile screen — that’s a poor user experience, and Google will notice that is a good chance that you are losing customers and being penalized by search engines with a lower standing in search engine results pages (SERPs).

So it is the proper time to switch your website to mobile responsive design and keep your website traffic always on.

3)Website needs to upgrade

Trends always are changed and Technology always is upgraded. In recent years website designs are wider, cleaner, user-centered, and complemented with high-quality, eye-catching imagery.

Here is some question in your mind like

Is your site narrow and static? Or Is there any movement? Or Does it look cluttered or bored?

Not only outdated websites are less enjoyable to view, but also statistics show that about 50% of visitors feel that website design is the number one thing that speaks to the credibility of business– for better or worse.

You should be able to easily update the content on your site to keep it fresh and relevant, as well as be able to tweak pages for SEO purposes. If updated pages on your site have become a lengthy, complicated process, you’re valuable wasting time. The easiest way to update content on your site is with a content management system. These systems give you all the control over your site’s content and your users’ experience when they visit it. Redesigning your website with a CMS in place can make a world of difference.

4)What are your next steps?

You own a Website, and it was built on a few years before and it is the time to redesign it. Don’t take any decision as fast as you think. There must be some proper plan or proper way to redevelop your business website.

Deciding to redesign your website is a commitment of time, energy, resources and, of course, some of your hard-earned cash. Before you decide to travel down the “website redesign” road, make sure you have a clear understanding of

  1. What is your current Website position?
  2. Why do you want to change your current Website?
  3. Is this effective for your business in the future?

5)Your Website is Not Showing Well in Search Results

There are many reasons, why your website is not shown as the first page of your search tab. This is happening because your website takes time to load or your website is not responsive or not attractive in look. Being responsive with a proper look and useful content that the search engine takes into account to deem your Website ‘valuable ‘ to searchers.

6) Strong Branding

Has your company gone through a rebranding since your last website redesign? Did you get a new logo or color palette?

If your company has gone through rebranding since the creation of your current site, it should be a no-brainer to have your website re-designed. Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. It should contain the most current information about your business at all times. Strong branding can make all the difference in customer recognition of your business and can put you at the top of their mind when they’re in need of a service you offer. Make sure your brand’s identity isn’t being “stolen” by a bad (or simply outdated) design.


Redesign and Redevelopment of a website is not a small task, but in a recent era most of the businesses have their own website and they are also in the competitive field with you. So redesign or updating your website is much important to stay ahead of the competition it’s important to provide visitors with the best possible website experience at all times.