You’re excited. You’ve organized a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s going to be incredible!

Now it’s time to tell the world about it. But your budget is tight and you have no idea where to begin? How do you go about advertising your event?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to market your event for free — or at a very low cost. Using the power of online marketing and social media, you can reach people who are already looking for your event and brand-new fans.

To help you find the smartest places to invest your time, we’ve compiled a list of the best 5 ways to promote an event online.

Get Organised

You are quite excited to chalk a plan and add all the event details to Facebook or your website, e.t.c. but I highly encourage that you first organized your total plan by creating a simple one sheet. You are going to putting the same details in many places, so it will save time to prepare these details before you begin. At the point when will have all the details ready and in one place, and you will make sure that your messaging is cohesive among all channel.

Share it socially

If you want to promote some business event offline, you have to arrange several things like print banners or flex or print and distribute some handheld sheets to people but it is very time taking and expensive and more than that there is fifty-fifty chance to get success vastly.

But if you want to promote your business online you will get lots of facilities that must not be got at the time of offline. Like…

1) Add the event on your Website

You have just organized an event and want to post it online, one of the best ways you post your online is through Website or If you are an organization that holds events frequently, you should have an event calendar on your website. Just use the plugin of your website and that makes adding new events very easy. Make sure that includes

  • A date
  • Proper time
  • An overview
  • A schedule of event

If you don’t have an event calendar or an easy to use plugin where you can post-event, then a simple landing page will suffice, Make sure that your URL must be easy to remember.

2) Facebook

You can choose to create a unique event using facebook’s platform to easily inform and register your followers, not only you can inform to your nearest one but also you can attach with the whole world very easily and moreover you can spread your business online through the world.*Here we add some work on event online through facebook.

Few things I have noticed that people miss when adding events on facebook

  • The event cover photo should be the size 1920*1080 pixels .try, if you can, to make no exceptions here.
  • Make the event name the same as what is listed on your website and everywhere else.
  • Check off all the options that apply to you- make sure that you fill in the venting category and add if it is’ kid-friendly ‘or if there are “volunteer opportunities “
  • Add the link to the event page of your website

3) Twitter

Use twitter as a way to promote your event if it meets the audience’s requirements. Create a twitter list for attendance and speaker. This generates excitement, buzz, and promotion as well as participation in the event discussion, People can also easily follow conversions being had both groups of people.

4) Linkedin

Like Facebook, you can create an event through LinkedIn. Through this, you get some genuine customer or clients for your business and you can invite your connection to attend.e.t.c,e.t.c

Less Expensive

If this is the time to promote your business and you decide to promote it offline then you have to go through several processes like

  • Publish your Ads in newspapers.
  • Design different types of banner or flex and hang those on at any congested area for getting attached to many people.
  • Use of some promotional products like distributes some promotional products as gifts those show some good impacts on the people’s mind and that is a proven offline marketing tactic.
  • Print and distribute business cards to promote your business is another technique to go offline.

Those steps not only time taking but also much expensive. Each promotion takes a certain kind of amount and in the end, offline promotion becomes more and more expensive than online.

In the case of online promotion of your event by developing a Website or by some online banners or through some social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter must be taken less time and less expensive more than that your online promotion will spread over the world and can reach to every people through internet that never happens in offline promotion.

Easy And Secure Transaction

Most of the merchants and consumers like online buying and selling, to be easy, efficient and safe.they can do this for any time anywhere. Ecommerce transactions trigger the automated processes that involve not only banks or some payment organizations but also technical advances like smartphones, e-wallets and some different online payment platforms like Paytm, PayPal, Google pay have fueled online transactions.

People generally say that if you accept those online transactions securely it makes the promotion of your event not only very smoothly with a very few seconds but also you will get some hassle-free and secure promotion and transaction of your business.

Help Google to find your event

This may be surprising but plenty of people use Google to find things. That also includes your Events.

Wouldn’t you be surprised if your event showed up when someone looked for an “Event near me”?

In a nutshell, you want to use some keywords in your event description that help Google points relevant people to your page. If you organize an event at Kolkata, just show Google about your event and Google takes the responsibility to promote your page online.

To add an event to your Google My Business profile:

  • Find a location that is hosting the event (if you manage a few).
  • Once you click on your location that is hosting the event, navigate to and click on the Post.
  • Once on the posting page, you will see an option to add an event.