Before we jump into the decision, let’s check what is REST or RESTful API and How it useful in web applications.  

What is the REST or RESTful API?

REST stands for Representational State Transfer, It was defined by Roy Fielding in 2000 It is an architectonic style for designing applications over HTTP. REST API does not define any rules about how it should be implemented, it just set high-level design guidelines that leave you to think of your own implementation

As we see many applications are using the same RESTApi to fetch data from the server. This is very useful when you are managing many applications from one backend. It saves time and development costs. 

How it useful in web applications development?

RESTful API has no official standard at all about how it should be implemented, it’s flexible and can be implemented in any web applications. RESTful APIs based development is BEST choice for BIG application where you need multiple Client-based applications. Below you can see how RESTful API useful for your application : 

1. Single Backend

Handle multiple client applications from a single backed, example If you want a website with its mobile app, affiliate program, partner program or so. You can develop RESTful APIs to handle all your require requests from application and create a single backend to manage all stuff. 

2. Scalability

Scalability is easy. RESTful APIs do not follow any rules about how to implement it. It just sends a response to your client and it’s up to you how to implement it in your application. 

3. Stability

RESTful APIs based application is more stable when we are talking about multiple frontends of the single database.  You only have to scale up the RESTful APIs to manage. You don’t have to work on all separately. 

4. Add New Features

Easy to add new features – Create a new API for your new feature and program frontends using same API

5. Security

Your server will be secured using the RESTApis technique as only RESTApis will handle the server work . 

6. Low Development Cost

Developing RESTful API is costly, but once it developed then development cost of a website, app or other tools will be less.