Google Gmail is far better than any mail client service until now. Having an account in Gmail gives various tools to manage the daily work, for example – Youtube, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Photos, Docs, Hangout, Duo, Contact, etc 

Google provides a GSuite facility where a business owner can create a Gmail account with their website address example – at minimal price.  You can check price listing over here

The basic plan per email starts with $6/month that gives various tools for daily business management work. Most important when your business email setup in Gmail then you could use it in all your Google services

Let’s begin, 

Step1: Create G Suite Account and verify domain ownership 

Click on the link to to set up your account and verify your domain ownership. 

Step2: Login to the AWS account and go to Route 53 Service

In Route53, go to the Hosted Zones and click on your website domain name

Step3: Add ‘MX – Mail exchange’ records set

To deliver your email to your G Suite account, you have to add new MX records to your domain records set in Route53.  Below are the MX records provided by Google for AWS : 

MX server addressPriority

Now let’s add the MX records to your_website, for this follow the following steps : 

  1. Click on  [Create Record Set] button and a panel will appear on the right side
  2. Name – leave empty 
  3. Type – choose the type ‘MX – Mail exchange’
  4. Alias – Make sure NO is selected
  5. TTL (Seconds) – leave the default value
  6. Value –  Copy the Google MX records and paste it 
  7. Click on Save Record Set

 Here’s the screenshot of how it will look, after all, settings applied. 

The records may take several hours to update, so you might not immediately get emails in Gmail.

Step 5: Tell Google to find your new MX records 

This step only for new G Suit account setup

  1. In the first tab or window, return to the G Suite Setup Wizard / Manage Domains
  2. Click through any confirming steps in the wizard
  3. Click Verify or I have completed these steps to tell Google to check for your added MX records.

For existing account you can check-in G Suit Dashboard -> Domain -> Manage Domains section to verify domain and MX records setup. 

We’re done.! Your G Suite Business Email Setup is done, you can start creating new emails for your website.