In recent times everyone carries mobile phones but those are not being used only for phone calls or text messages. More than sixty percent worldwide use their phones for searching for some information via mobile technology. So upgrading website design in a responsive way is the most important thing for your website. Here We are providing the top 10 reasons to upgrade responsive website design.

1) Bringing Customers’ better experience

Mobile is turning into one of the most important platforms for customer engagement. Nowadays most of the people visit websites via tablets and smartphones. By upgrading responsive website design everyone must be able to see any content the same as through mobile as well as desktop.

Suffering everyone a website that is simple, clean and easy to use from a mobile device, as well as a laptop or desktop device, is going to a much better experience for your customer.

2) Getting more traffic.

You have a Website and it’s time to upgrade now.
Do you want some cost-effective ways to increase traffic on your website? More than 50% of people worldwide use a mobile phone on a daily purpose. They use their mobile not only for calling or messaging purposes but also for searching and analyzing purposes. So if your website is mobile responsive, it is quite easy and doable to keep traffic on your website in a cost-effective way.

3) Google loves responsive

With the separate mobile and desktop version, one has to pay not only development charges for both the mobile and laptop devices but also the maintenance fees which often become much higher than expected. More than that ith new mobile devices being introduced frequently, you will have to make repeated investments to keep upgrading them to the latest specifications.
Upgrading your website by converting it responsive helps to get rid of from all kind of problem, As long as your web developers keep the Responsive structure intact, you will be able to have a “one update fits all” approach for the life of your website moreover your website become cost-effective as well.

4) Cost-effective approach

Google likes mobile devices as well.
All the search engines like mobile devices so much that in April 2015, Google launched an algorithmic update that set new benchmarks for responsiveness. If you do not convert your website into mobile responsive still now, it will become quite tough to get a response from any search engines like Google.

5) Target Audience

You have your website and you want to upgrade it !!

Target your audience is the most important part of your website upgrade.
If you view sincerely you can notice that more than fifty percent of youth and adults within the age of 30 to 50 use their mobile phone for doing almost every kind of works and the percentage is increasing gradually.
So this is much important to convert your website to mobile responsive and reach your target audience very effectively and keep your Website traffic always on

6) The customer won’t miss a single word or structure

“What more frustrating than being cut off “!

It always happens with a website that is not responsive, Since your customers look at your site from different devices like big screen or small screen, Non-responsive sites may cut off photos, headers, menus, and other content. With the responsive design done right, words are never cut off or lost.

7) Sharing your Website on Social media

Nowadays most of the social media sites are opened and regulated by handheld devices like mobile phones or tablets or There are not nearly as many people looking at Facebook or Instagram on their desktops as people are scrolling through the social media sites on their mobile devices. If you want to share your website on social media to reach more and more people, you must do your website media-friendly as soon as possible.

8) Consistent SEO Results

Google’s search results and ranking algorithms are now changing more frequently than ever before. When you create two separate websites (desktop and mobile versions) with almost the same content and structure, you run the risk of producing duplicate content, negatively affecting your SEO rankings.

Moreover, Responsive design increases SEO value. How does it work?

A responsive website uses a single URL across devices – in other words, one site adapted across multiple devices.

1) This eliminates SEO errors
2) This removes the need to build links from scratch.
3) This makes it simpler for Google to crawl your site and rank it accordingly.

9) Online Shopping

Suppose you are a businessman and you want to sell some goods and expertise online through your website, but unfortunately, your website is not responsive and that must be quite impossible to attract people and keep traffic on your website.
Or If more than sixty percent of smartphone owners are willing to buy your stuff over their phones, don’t you think you should make it as easy as possible for them?
So Providing responsive design not only helps them out to find your website but also helps to spread your business worldwide.

10) Access Anywhere

Suppose you are doing chitchat with your friend at the park and inform him about a website and tell him to check it out. If the website is not mobile responsive, it is quite impossible to go through this as you don’t have any desktop with you.
So that is why If your website can be visible on any kind of handheld device like mobile or tablet then it can be accessed from anywhere and more people can get in touch with your website as they can see your website from anywhere at any time.